Savage Cabinet Company

Company History

Savage Cabinet Company began its quest for superior quality, craftsmanship, and service during its creation in 1969 when founder Donald R. Savage first opened the doors. It was a humble beginning in a tiny shop consisting of only a single man crew. But soon the business was growing via word of mouth, and Donald was able to upgrade his equipment, facilities, and man power to better serve his customers. Savage Cabinet Company would have several homes from its conception to present day and has been settled into its current location for the last 12 years.

The business is very much a family affair with Donald’s wife, Carmen, working by his side as lead designer and the tradition is set to continue with the addition of his son, Zach, to the Savage Cabinet Company team. These values run throughout the rest of the company and help create a family atmosphere in which every team member is a part. We are proud and extremely rewarded when at the end of a project we can call our customers our friends. Advances in technology have allowed Savage to begin a new era of continually stream lining its processes in order to maintain quality and still offer competitive pricing. At the same time, the principles of craftsmanship have not been sacrificed. All of our products still receive that attention to detail for which we have come to be known by still hand making, hand assembling, and hand finishing all of our own parts in house.

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